Short-Let Apartment Business in Nigeria As A Lucrative Investment

Short-let apartments are a fusion of luxury and flexibility. In essence, a short-let apartment mirrors the experience of a hotel but with the charm of a fully furnished apartment. Geared towards business travelers and those seeking a flexible and cost-effective accommodation solution, short-lets offer a plethora of benefits. Unlike hotels, they provide an unmatched level of privacy without external branding, making them an enticing option for a diverse range of guests.

These apartments, akin to those found on platforms like, cater to various tastes, featuring designs suitable for business travelers. Most include essential amenities such as kitchens, living and dining spaces, and comfortable bedrooms. Luxurious options go above and beyond, offering swimming pools, laundry services, high-speed internet, and gym facilities. The added bonus? Many short-let hosts provide cleaning and facility management services, ensuring the apartments remain in top-notch condition during occupancy.


Do you own upscale apartments in exclusive Nigerian neighborhoods? Are you keen on maximizing the returns on your property investment? Look no further; the burgeoning short-let apartment business in Nigeria provides an ideal earning environment for landlords seeking a departure from the traditional annual rent model. This guide unveils the reasons to invest in the short-let apartment business, shedding light on why it has become the go-to choice for property investors.


3 Compelling Reasons to Invest in Short-Let Apartments


If you have never thought of or still have doubts lingering about venturing into the short-let business, here are three compelling reasons to consider this avenue for generating passive income:


  • Clients, Not Just Tenants

Bid farewell to the traditional tenant-landlord challenges. Short-let clients pay daily, eliminating the risk of long-term defaults or property damage. With a constant flow of diverse clients, you gain insights into guest habits, allowing you to curate an ideal clientele that aligns with your property rules and standards, ensuring a seamless and premium experience.


  • Control and Flexibility:

Unlike long-term rentals, where renovations may be constrained by lease agreements, short-let apartments provide the freedom to renovate at any time. Addressing damages is simplified as well, with landlords able to inspect and rectify minor issues immediately after guest departures, maintaining the property’s pristine condition.


  • Skyrocketing Profit Margins

Long-term rentals can become predictable, with factors like property price inflation and increased facility management costs affecting returns over time. Enter short-let apartments, where you have the power to set your prices daily. Hosting an event nearby featuring your favorite artist? Markup your rates. The flexibility to adjust prices at your discretion offers unparalleled profit potential.


There is a global demand for short-let apartments, as they enable you to break free from the constraints of hotel rooms that limit occupancy. Short-let apartments allow guests to ‘own’ an entire space at a fraction of the cost of booking multiple hotel rooms. With an ever-increasing demand, especially among budget-conscious business travelers, the short-let market remains robust and poised for further growth.


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