Visiting Lagos on a Budget? 3 Tips to Help You Have A Fantastic Time

Many people believe that to have fun in Lagos, they must have millions of Naira or dollars in their bank account. According to them, only the wealthy may enjoy the center of excellence, while those without means should keep a low profile. This is an incorrect assumption since you may appreciate the nice things in life even with little money by having a budget.


When planning your budget, remain within your spending ability without diverting from your goal of having a good time. In other words, you can always have a fun Lagos experience while staying within your budget.


This article will show you how to have fun on a budget and save money while visiting Nigeria’s most populous metropolis. Read on to discover how to have an inexpensive and thrilling experience while staying within your budget when visiting Lagos, Nigeria.


1. Research

Before formulating a plan, research where you want to spend your holiday, make a plan for where you want to go and decide how much money you want to spend. In this manner, you can always keep yourself in check and accomplish your lofty goal with no regrets.


When creating your travel finance guide, note every expense in detail so you don’t overspend on your vacation. For example, if you wish to visit locations on Lagos Island that may need more than one night, you should budget for accommodation. This is because you will need to rest before continuing your tour the next day. There are many affordable shortlets you can check out.


You will also need to eat, so plan for that as well, from what to eat to where to eat. There are many places to eat in Lagos at a low cost.


2. Plan


To avoid unplanned expenses, it is advisable to plan out your itinerary and expenditures and stick with them. (What is the use of a plan or budget when you do not stick to it?)


An unbudgeted expense is any spending that is outside your initial budget. You might see a new item you wish to buy or more places to visit. In this scenario, the best thing to do is to divert your attention away from it and add it to your to-do list for next time because it was not in your plan. This allows you to stick to your budget without incurring additional expenses.


  • Consider your residence and its proximity to the places on your itinerary.

Most Lagos fun-seekers make the mistake of venturing to fascinating locations far from home. After enjoying a nice encounter, people become concerned about returning home or to their leased flat. And this could become stressful, ruining the enjoyment of the day.


Always ensure that your residence is close to your destination when planning your itinerary. This method eliminates the need for you to waste time going to your place and preparing for the next day’s adventure.


  • Decide on the means of transportation


It is wise to plan for how you will move around the places on your itinerary. Will you be hiring a cab for the whole day, booking rides, taking Danfo, or driving? This is important so you can plan the best route and time of day to avoid traffic. You also need a backup plan in case you encounter traffic


3. Pool resources

Consider making it a group outing. Aside from the fact that having fun with a group of friends creates long-lasting memories, it also allows you to save money. For example, you and your friends can pool your money and get a shortlet instead of staying separately.


By banding together to pay for a rented location, expenses that only you should bear are distributed among your friends. And by doing so, you get the advantage of visiting bustling avenues at a low rate. So, the next time you want to visit that private beach in the center of excellence, keep in mind that going in a group is a good idea.

You can also share the money for food and transportation while multiplying the fun and memories.


If you plan to visit Lagos this season on a budget, you can still have fun regardless of what your budget is. Just follow the steps we have listed and be on your merry way.

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