Which Is the Better Option for Your Stay in Lagos: Short-let Apartment or Hotel?

Short-let apartments are a terrific choice for groups of friends or families because they provide more space and privacy than hotel rooms. In addition, many of them provide convenient extras like laundry facilities and fully-equipped kitchens, perfect for individuals who want to prepare their food. A short-let apartment is a terrific option if you are searching for a more cheap and homey place to stay during your time in Lagos. Make the most of your vacation by choosing from our range of short lets or contacting us immediately.

Lagos is a dynamic and fascinating city with many attractions. You can spend your time in Lagos learning about the city’s fascinating history, enjoying its delectable cuisine, or lounging on one of its stunning beaches.

There are two primary types of lodging to choose from: short lets apartments and hotels. It is crucial to take into account your specific requirements and preferences before settling on one of the two choices available.

Short-let Apartment

Fully furnished apartments available for short-term stays are known as “short-lets.” Apartments are a great alternative to hotels since they provide more space and privacy than standard hotel rooms and frequently include appliances like kitchenettes, washers, and dryers. This can be a terrific alternative for families or groups of friends who want to feel more at home during their visit.


Hotels offer a more traditional accommodation option. They typically have a range of amenities, such as restaurants, bars, and swimming pools. This can be a great option for people who want the convenience of having everything they need in one place.

Which is the Better Option in Lagos?

It depends on your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for space, privacy, and amenities, then short-let apartments are a great option. If you’re looking for convenience and a range of amenities, then a hotel is a good choice.

Consider the following when choosing between a short-let apartment and a hotel in Lagos:

  • Needs: A short-let apartment is a good choice if you need a lot of space or privacy, whereas if you’re looking for convenience and a range of amenities, then a hotel is the better option.
  • Preferences: A short-let apartment is best if you prefer the home-like atmosphere it offers, while a hotel will suit you better if you prefer the convenience it has to offer.
  • Budget: Typically, short-let apartments are more affordable than hotels, but both options have a wide range of prices available.

Why You Need a Short-Let Apartment Unit in Lagos

The comforts of a short-let apartment

There are a number of advantages to renting a short-term flat in Lagos. To begin with, it can save money compared to a hotel. For a second, it can provide you with extra seclusion. Thirdly, you have the opportunity to experience more of local life in Lagos.

Some advantages of renting a short-let apartment in Lagos include the following:

  1. Short-let apartments are typically situated in more residential neighborhoods, allowing guests to get a better feel for Lagosian culture. This might be an excellent method of becoming acquainted with local customs and people.
  2. Short-let apartments are a great alternative to hotels because of the extra space they provide. If you have a large group of people and would like some breathing room, this can be the perfect solution.
  3. When compared to hotel accommodations, short-let apartments provide more privacy. If you’re looking for some privacy, this might be the perfect solution.
  4. Short-let apartments often have kitchenettes, washers, and dryers, in addition to the standard amenities available in hotels. People who want to prepare their own meals and do their own laundry may appreciate this choice.

In Lagos, you can choose from a wide variety of excellent hotel and short-let rental options. Your needs and preferences will determine the optimal choice. Short-let apartments are a great compromise between price and square footage. A hotel is a fantastic choice if you want ease of access and a variety of services.

I hope this article helps you decide which option is best for you. Finding the right accommodation in advance will allow you to make the most of your time in this great city.

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