3 Pro Tips for Your First-Time Visit To Lagos

It is natural to be nervous while doing something for the first time, but this is especially true for your first-time visit to Lagos, Nigeria. The thoughts and memories you may have read about this ever-busy metropolis in newspapers, on news blogs, or in a movie are undeniably inspiring. However, you may be anxious because you are unaware of what to expect when you arrive.


Lagos is without a doubt one of Nigeria’s largest cities. It offers several tourist attractions and has drawn visitors worldwide due to its distinctive features. Islands, beaches, and enjoyable activities like boating, cruises, viewing wildlife and birds, and so on are all available.


Lagos is still one of Nigeria’s most important states. It has a tradition of welcoming visitors and making them feel at home, no matter how long they stay. Its fantastic sightseeing centers, cuisine, and resorts all add to a delightful vacation. When it comes to Lagos, the thrill never ends

Tips to get the most of your first-time Visit to Lagos

Before you embark on your journey as a first-time visitor to this exciting city, here are a few travel suggestions to help you navigate and enjoy Lagos like a local.


1. Know the layout of Lagos.

Lagos has two sections The mainland and the island are linked by three major bridges. The island is home to Forbes-listed millionaires, huge corporations, luxury stores, and the island’s historic center on the Gulf of Guinea’s coast. The highly populated mainland also has its share of residential and office buildings; it is also home to some historical places and entertainment hubs.

Each side has its own personality. Islanders have more food alternatives and fewer traffic delays, but they lack the sense of community that Mainlanders enjoy. The Mainland, on the other hand, is more community-oriented, where you get to interact with the locals and get a feel for the real Lagos. Most people believe the Island is the ideal location in Lagos for a fun-filled and cheerful vacation, but we say to experience both and then choose, as each section has its own uniqueness and depends on your taste.


2. Determine where you will stay.

Arriving in Lagos without prior accommodation arrangements is one of the riskiest things anyone can do, especially a first-time tourist. Many con artists are waiting for their victims to arrive so they may exploit them and make a fortune. As a result, first-time tourists are advised to plan where they will stay, either in a hotel or a short-let apartment, and book lodging ahead of time.

Ayokunle Homes is a short-term rental company that can handle your apartment requirements. When you need a shortlet or serviced apartment, especially on the island, for your holiday or staycation, contact us.


3. Plan your preferred means of transportation.

The most trustworthy, sanitary, and secure means of transportation in Lagos is a cab or private vehicle. They are more comfortable and will drop you off and pick you up from your location. You can even order food on the go, stop to take pictures, etc.

Another option is the danfo, the ubiquitous black-and-yellow Volkswagen buses that virtually span the entire city. They can usually accommodate sixteen to twenty-two passengers, or however many the driver chooses to jam inside. If you’re lucky, there will be seat cushions, but most of the time they’re just wood slabs with exposed nails, which means shredding your clothes. They are one of the ways to experience the everyday life of the average Lagosian.

The keke marwa, the local equivalent of the tuk-tuk, gets its name from Colonel Buba Marwa, a previous military state governor who initially introduced them on Lagos roads. You should be aware, however, that these are undoubtedly the most loathed vehicles on Lagos’ roadways. Other drivers dislike them for their reckless driving and numerous crashes with moving vehicles.


Lagos is a blur of activity during the day and a flurry of light, music, and merriment at night. Lagosians play as hard as they work. Lagos offers a wide range of memorable and enjoyable activities, but your choices will define what you receive out of the city. The location and activities you choose are important aspects of making your first-time visit to Lagos worthwhile. 


Where you stay during your first-time visit to Lagos is the crucial component that makes it a fantastic experience and a journey you’ll never forget. As a result, you need to entrust the selection of serviced flats or shortlets for your vacation to a reliable company.


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